What Can Get You Locked Out Of House And Solution

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It’s the middle of the week and you just got back home only to realize you are locked out of house. But how did it happen exactly? There are several ways in which people can find themselves locked out of house. Regardless of the specific reason or case, as a Spokane locksmith company, we know how frustrating such situation can be, but there are several things that can be done in order to get the situation resolved.

Situations that will get you locked out of house

It is possible that you may have forgotten the keys inside your home which got you into the locked out of house situation. How is it possible you wonder? Some homes are equipped with door knobs or lever locks which have a thumb turn on the interior side of them, and if the thumb turn gets turned to the lock position from the inside, the knob or lever will be officially locked. So it could be that you left your home in a hurry forgetting the keys on the kitchen table and positioning the thumb turn to the locked position without thinking straight.

You may also find yourself locked out of house because of misplaced or lost keys while you were out. This situation can be especially stressful since you never know if you indeed lost the keys or someone has taken them purposefully from your possession without you noticing. In such situation, not only you will need to find a way to get back into your home, but also it will be recommended for you to have a lock rekey or a lock change done to prevent anyone from using your lost keys.

Other times when you get locked out of house, it just not your fault, but the lock itself is to blame. Traditional residential door locks have normal wear and tear. Especially those used on the front or back door of your home which not only subjected to constant use, but also different weather conditions. Sometimes dirt can buildup overtime inside a lock which will eventually affect its operation. Alternatively, the components inside the lock can get worn out and even break which in turn will leave you stranded outside of your home.

Locksmith Spokane locked out of house

What can you do when lockout out of house?

So you got yourself locked out of house and potentially needing more than just regaining access, so now what? There are several options in front of you. In a situation where you just need to regain access to your home, you can revisit and think if you left a spare key to one of your neighbors or close friends. If that is not an option, you can check to see maybe one of the windows around your place is open and you can possibly make an entrance through it. If all else fails and/or you think you might need more professional lock work than just regaining access to your home, you best choice is to call a professional residential locksmith in Spokane. A professional locksmith Spokane company offers services 7 days a week all day and after business hours as well, so you can rest assure, you have where to turn in case you got locked out of house.