Understanding Why Lock Rekey Is Necessary

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Needing an improvement to your household security? A lock rekey for your place of residence simply means to exchange the internals of the locking mechanism’s inner core for the same types of interchanging components. However, these will be rearranged in a new order and then placed back inside of the inner core of the locking mechanism. When the process of a lock rekey is performed by a Spokane locksmith, it causes all of the previous keys that could fit into the lock to no longer work. In order for a key to work in unison with a locking mechanism, the ridges of the key and the pins within the door lock must be shaped in exactly the same way to accommodate each other. That is why rekeying your locks involves changing the internal components that work with the key.

A lock rekey is performed by a professional locksmith in Spokane when a house is being put back onto the market or when a tenant is moving out of a condo or an apartment. The rekey of a lock is a process to ensure that the security of every household is optimum. If the process is not done when a former tenant moves out of a residence, it is possible that they possess a duplicate key to the property.

Lock rekey Spokane locksmith

Many reasons to have a lock rekey done

As you may know, it is extremely easy to have a duplicate key made to your home. If you ever have anyone move out of your home or have just moved into a new one, find a residential locksmith in Spokane who will rekey your locks that are connected to doors leading access to your home.

It is important to understand that a lock rekey does not mean that the entire lock will be replaced and a lock installation will be performed. Only the inner core pieces are those to be altered. The original locking mechanism remains installed on the door and there will be no visible difference, just as if you have not changed anything to it. A lock rekey is a must if you want to have a safe and secure household, so always be sure to rekey if you have lost a key, are having someone you don’t trust move out or are just moving into the property.