Residential Door Locks To Keep Your Homes Secure

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You were walking around your home, stopped, and started observing some of the doors. The door might contain a door knob, and it may or may not contain a lock cylinder. It could be that you notice a deadbolt lock next to the door knob as well. You may also see both a lock in the door knob as well as a deadbolt lock. When taking notice of this type of hardware in your household, it’s hard not to end up asking yourself how secure your residential door locks really are and how they can be improved by a locksmith Spokane.

The type of lock that is installed and the placement of that lock are important aspects to your residential security. Do you ever notice that the locks on the front door are always a bit bigger and sturdier looking than the locks on the bathroom door? The bathroom door lock wouldn’t be too reliable against tampering, but the front door lock may put up a tougher fight.

Locksmith Spokane door locks
Spokane locksmith door locks

Different types of residential door locks 

There are three separate quality levels of residential door locks. The quality, measured in grades one, two and three is judged upon the materials sturdiness against manipulation and/or force as well as how many successive lock cycles can be completed. Residential door locks are most commonly of a grade two or of a grade three and include knob and lever locks, mortise locks, deadbolt locks and interconnected locks.

Most residences, and for good reason, have a deadbolt door lock installation onto their front entrances. Deadbolts are quite often reliable and strong locks. There are many trusted brands for all types of locks which include Abloy, Schlage, Kwikset, and Sargent locks. Knob locks are frequently installed in residential situations on exterior doors in addition to deadbolts, and are sometimes used as the primary source of security for doors.

To get quality locks, you can go to a locksmith such as NorthWest Locksmith Spokane. Locks that are found at hardware stores are inexpensive because they are much easier to break into and manipulate. As well as providing you with well functioning locks the residential locksmith will be able to accurately install them for you. This will ensure that your residential door locks are functioning and keeping you consistently secure.