The Qualities Of Master Key Systems For Properties

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A master key system is a great solution for a business in order to maintain keys that are often in the possession of multiple people. How such system works is actually very simple to understand. A commercial locksmith rekeys a group of locks to fit one single key. This single key will be the master. There will be additional dummy keys created to match only one lock within the locking system. These keys are the ones that will be provide to the staff, so that their access is limited to what is necessary. 

When would you benefit from a master key system 

In a situation where there is a high turnaround of employees, it isn’t necessary to perform a change of all locks, but rather just the one which the employee had access to. As you can tell, having such system in use will save you money, time and provide your business with quality lock security.

Locksmith Spokane master key
Spokane locksmith Mater key system

Efficient key management

You may think that having so many keys grouped in the same area will become perplexing or complicated. In reality, a master key system should be quite manageable. An employee will only possess a key to an area where he or she are held responsible. You, the owner, possess the one important key that will open all the doors around the property.

Within this system, you choose who to give keys to so that you know the location of each key. With such, utilizing a master key system at your business will lower your security risk. These types of small changes to the key management of your organization will increase protection with lower cost in the long term.

Not only such system is a cheap and proven choice, it is highly manageable. To further explain: If your business has three locks, then that would mean that for proper security, a rekey or a new lock installation would have to occur each time you had an employee turnaround or a key was lost. If a business possesses a master key system however, they would only need to change or rekey one lock, saving time and money.

Reliability of a master key system

A master key system is a reliable method of maintaining multiple locks that are oftentimes used by a lot of different people. No longer will you need to have a locksmith in Spokane change all of the locks around the establishment under bad circumstances, but rather only take care of only single lock. Here at NorthWest Locksmith Spokane we specialize with master keying, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you may have on that matter.