Why Would You Need Key Programming Done

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During the 90s, there had been data available representing that car theft was on the rise around the US. The rumor was that the US automobile insurance companies had indirectly prompted the auto industry into doing something in order to combat the rising rate of car theft. Grand theft auto was such an issue that it was getting to the point in which insuring vehicles from theft was no longer a financially sound plan for the auto insurance companies in that era.

Key programming as an anti theft feature for vehicles 

As a result, in the mid 90s, many vehicles were legally required to possess an immobilizer system. An immobilizer is a state-of-the-art anti-theft system that communicates with a type of key that went through key programming in order to allow the car to start. Immobilizing systems receive signals from the key in the form of a rolling code. A rolling code means that the code will change after it’s been used just once.

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Remote head key programming

If the vehicle’s immobilizer is provided with the wrong code from the key that went through key programming or no signal at all, the car will not start. The only use that you can get out of a non-programmed car key is to open the car doors and trunk.

Types of car keys that will be need to go through the process of key programming include: remote fobs that provide keyless entry to the vehicle, transponder car keys related to cars manufactured from the mid 90s and after as well as flip type keys. If you own one or more of these key types, you will need to have key programming done by a Spokane locksmith in order to go for a joy ride. For example, if you possess a transponder key and also a remote fob, you will need to have each programmed separately in order for them to function.

Whether you have a key that needs to be replaced or a key that needs to be programmed, you can call an experienced locksmith such as NorthWest Locksmith Spokane to provide you with the service. An automotive locksmith has the necessary tools and knowledge to perform the job.