Commercial Door Closer Choosing The Right Type

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A commercial door closer is something that is mandatory for any type of commercial property in order to comply with fire safety regulations. In addition, they offer somewhat convenience and security for the business property. They often keep the property secure by limiting certain environmental factors. Most commercial properties will be equipped with an hydraulic type of commercial door closer. However, there are several other types that intended to serve a variety of purposes and applications.

The first step before choosing the right type of commercial door closer for your commercial property, one must determine what exactly are the commercial property needs. The main concerns when choosing a door closer for a business is the amount of traffic it will absorb and security needs as well. High traffic environments for example will require a heavier duty door closer than a small size business property that does not absorb as much traffic.

Spokane locksmith door closer
Locksmith Spokane commercial door closer

Just like a typical commercial lock, a door closer will be available in several different Grades, 1 and 2. A door closer that is rated as Grade 1 will feature absolute control on latching and sweeping functionalities. In addition, there is an option for further adjustments and customization. Most types of business properties that will benefit from a Grade 1 door closer are those who expect to have high traffic of people accessing from both directions. Grade 1 door closer was design to endure traffic of about 300-400 people every day and is highly recommended by most Spokane locksmith professionals.

A door closer that was rated as Grade 2 will be reliable as well. However, will be recommended to be used in the interior of a commercial property rather than the exterior. Unless the property does not expect to absorb much traffic as such closer can only handle up to 100 people on a daily basis. With different traffic property applications, different types of mechanisms are being used such as valves that control sweeping and closure of the door.

For more information about commercial door closers for your business property, or for other business security solutions, contact us. Here at NorthWest Locksmith Spokane we stride to provide top commercial locksmith services that will keep your home safe and secure.

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