Spokane Locksmith Deadbolt


Spokane locksmith deadboltWhen it comes to home security, adding a deadbolt as a secondary lock for extra measure of security is very common. In addition to the added security a secondary lock will give to your home in general, a deadbolt is a great defense against forced entry. Having a deadbolt as a secondary protection to the traditional door lock protecting the front or back door of your home is becoming the standard for proper home security. If you own or leave in a home that does not have this extra security measure, we would seriously recommend looking into getting one installed.


First lets take a look of what exactly is a deadbolt lock. In contrast to the traditional key-in-knob lock that can be found in most homes, the deadbolt’s locking mechanism is not spring loaded which makes it a security tool against forced entry. It cannot be picked or pried open easily like a spring loaded lock would. In general, it would help keep the property secure.


A deadbolt lock was not invented in recent years but can be traced back 2 centuries ago where commercial properties such as banks used to have it in order to protect safes. Because of the success of a deadbolt to protect the safes in banks against burglars, it was then continued to develop into a variety of models that became available for both commercial and residential use.


Locksmith Spokane deadboltAlthough a deadbolt is not completely “bullet proof” lock that cannot be defeated, it did prove itself by increasing security to many residential properties. Combining with the traditional spring loaded lock, a deadbolt found to be a stalling tool against intruders that would easily give up breaking into a place who has double the security. For these reasons, the popularity of a deadbolt has grown over the years which allowed different lock manufacturers to develop different styles and added features to the deadbolt to keep it current with today’s technology.


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