What To Know About Mortise Lock Repair Services

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A mortise locking mechanism is both concealed and protected from within the inside of the door. The mortise lock can be utilized as either a doorknob lock or as a deadbolt lock, generally the deadbolt locking mechanism will provide an extra support for security and would rarely require a Mortise lock repair service.

Mortise locks are a little more complex to install and assemble than most types of locking mechanisms which is why often requires the hands of a professional when a repair service is required. However, the mortise lock is a very sturdy and durable lock to have and will provide a strong resistance to anyone or anything that exerts a forced entry attack on it. Not only are they reliable and strong, they are also facilely customized to a variety of looks and styles of door knobs and levers. In addition, a mortise lock has a multitude of locking cylinder sizes that are available.

Mortise Lock Repair Spokane locksmith

Mortise locks are commonly found installed on commercial or higher end residential properties due to their efficiency and high security lock qualities. These mortise locks will often possess a core that is removable or interchangeable, meaning that it would not be a hassle to alter the keyway so that an old key can be rid of in exchange for a new key. A rekey of a mortise lock is important for the security of your property when a key becomes lost or stolen.

Mortise lock repair would be needed at some point

Like every type of lock that is found on the market, it may eventually come to a point that a mortise lock repair by a commercial locksmith in Spokane is necessary. Some common repairs that are necessary for a mortise lock stem from a screw that has become loose or the locking spindle becoming stripped and/or worn or some other general internal mechanism having become worn down.

Due to the above mentioned troubles, you may find a mortise lock repair by a Spokane locksmith will correct a door knob that persistently goes in complete circles as if it is just hanging onto the door while not being attached. A mortise lock repair will fix a deadbolt that is frustratingly not fitting into its proper hole in the door frame as well as mending the sticking latch that causes the door to not be able to close shut. Most mortise locks must be handled by a professional locksmith Spokane technician because the disassembling and assembling may require special tools and knowledge to ensure that the mortise lock repair is handled correctly in order to keep the property secure.