The Many Types Of Electronic Door Locks

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Commercial buildings and businesses need to have a different form of security than residential places have. Commercial properties have locks that are made of strong materials and which reliably prevents large robberies. That is why here at NorthWest Locksmith Spokane, we have security in mind very often. We recommend that commercial properties have electronic door locks installed as they are considered as high security locks. There are a variety of such locks that can be chosen for your commercial property’s security and business needs. The most common types are the  keypad door locks. However, from time to time you will often run into Bluetooth connected door locks as well as biometric type locks.

Electronic Door Locks Spokane locksmith

Keyless entry electronic door locks

Early electronic door locks were always a keypad that had a specified pin number set to gain entry to the property. Keypads are still popular and they are definitely reliable, except now, newer models possess a (usually light-up) touch screen panel instead of a push button. Additionally, newer keypad type locks have security features such as multiple password creation in order to help prevent robbers from gaining unlawful entry to a business.

Bluetooth operated

Bluetooth electronic door locks can be locked and unlocked easily because the lock will recognize your Bluetooth ID. If you are not at the business location currently and want to check up on the security of the property, you may be happy to learn that you are able to manage it from a web connection. Some types of these locks have the ability to give you notifications of when people enter or leave the premises for superior security.

Access control

Additionally, the majority of access control based electronic door locks installed by a professional commercial locksmith in Spokane allow you to create a temporary or a long term password for each employee. This way, you will be able to know exactly who has come to work and what time they arrived. You can even customize the employees personal accounts so that the locking mechanism will not open for them if they are not supposed to be at a particular time on the property.

RFID electronic door locks

Electronic door locks can also work from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). These types of locks use a key fob or a card for the entry inside of a commercial property. With RFID technology incorporated to a lock, you may not even have to remove the key fob from your pocket to get inside.


Another option of an electronic door lock available to you is the biometric entry. This type of lock utilizes a fingerprint or a photographic identification to open the lock of the property. All you do is program your fingerprint (or photo) and the fingerprints (or photos) of the employees that you want to also have access to the business. Once this is successfully and easily accomplished, then the electronic door lock system will permit these persons entrance.

High level of security which electronic door locks provide

Electronic door locks for commercial properties work in different ways. Some of these locks open automatically upon recognizing an RFID card. Others, open when a Bluetooth ID that has been programmed to it is nearby. Much like with the biometric system, when it unlocks the door once proof of personal physical characteristic has been ascertained. These types of locks are a superior form of high security locks that are a perfect match for a commercial building with a few or multiple employees coming and going throughout the day.